Sunday, October 2, 2011

Veronica Compton alive with Small Change Multi-Media Productions

I am known as Veronica Compton the Copy-Cat Hillside Strangler linked to Kenneth Bianchi Hillside Strangler.  It's a media label which has attached itself to my life and with which now I will use to bring notice to issues and people I in the past remained silent about.  My company Small Change Multi-Media Productions is in it's early stages gearing up to provide the public with music, art, video, photography and literature.  The Miles Johnson Experiment is our studio wunderkind band as I write this I can hear their brilliant music coming from my recording studio two stories down.  If you follow me I will be shortly putting samples of this band on our web site.
I have waited years to do what I am doing now .  Breaking the silence still alive i invite you to join me in a remarkable life of sometime Hell and prison and sometime beauty and revelation.